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Twenty-first century science, and physics in particular, might have walls around itself.  Only when the old farts die off will science be able to accept what is apparent to the younger farts, that determinism is relative.  It is seductive to think that theory can control everything, and that there may be a theory of everything and all that.  I believe we are seduced by what I consider to be a bubble of determinism.  I can look into the immediate past and see what caused this or that to occur, and I speculate as a futurist into what stretches out in front of us based upon the principle that the past predicts the future.  Can I say the past is illimitable insofar as I can link causally everything that made this moment in time be what it is for me in my relativistic frame?  I think not.  And the same argument appears to hold for the futurists among us.  Therefore, if causality and determinism have a place in logic we cannot assume direct links connect everything into the past and into the future; we live  in a bubble of causality.

What lies outside the bubble?  Or, for that matter, what permeates our bubble universe of causality?  Is random “behavior” the rule and no potential for certainty exists?  Well—yes and no.  If the scale is large enough the probabilities mount up and random transmutes into certainty.  It looks like we are going to have to get ready for surprises in the middle area.  Things from our lives may “happen for a reason” but the extent of the reasonableness escapes us.  I cannot conform to the teleological force of the “reason” because there is not enough data to prove or to disprove that behavior—the rule of the hypothetical-deductive foundation of science suggested by Karl Popper.

Just know we are related and on some sixth level connected.  It is neither the totality of the hologram nor the linearity of Euclid but some “third” (or fourth, or fifth) thing which I can “see” if I do not focus my eyes too closely on the nearest object.

Tonight’s concert cancelled

Sorry to say, tonight’s concert at Piano Magic had to be cancelled due to a structural problem with the floor and will have to be rescheduled.  So: CHARLES DOWNS (RASHID BAKR) 4TET
Michael Moss (tenor sax), Mark Hennen (keyboard), Emma Alabaster (bass), Charles Downs (Rashid Bakr) (drums)
Part of a SIX GROUP new music extravaganza, the Charles Downs 4tet will offer a Coltrane inflected set


Consider a black hole similarly to the way one considers a star, except you can’t see it.  Black holes have prominences, ejects large bodies of matter and energy along gravitational warps, and matter and energy explode along the poles of their revolving bodies.  No one can directly observe black holes but for the effects they have on their environment.  So, if they are stars, similar to a neutron star, revolving at a speed close to that of light, they will attract to them matter and energy which this extreme gravity well weaves into long strings at the most basic—Planck length—level of existence and spin out long bursts of gamma radiation which are composed of strings at the higher levels of energy.  At some high level of energy the string may become transparent to the gravity well of the hole.  In a way the well is spinning and that which enters the hole’s accretion disk goes down in a vortex of increasingly energetic particles like water being drained from a sink.

At the higher energies I posit an increase in dimensional unfolding unseen at the lower energies of the observable universe such that, at some point or threshold, the string forms, but it is transparent to the laws of gravity.  That string weaves itself around and vibrates at a high pitch which in effect bends space and time to the breaking point, the point reached at the earliest point of origin—the big bang.  That is to say its transparency to the laws of Einsteinian physics permits it to inflate faster than the speed of light because of the energy levels attained in the maw of the spinning, waving, sucking vortex—and the string escapes.  That it is observable at all is the resultant of the string—a long line of ejectant observable in quasars—returning to a level of energy at a distance from the source subjecting it once again to the laws of physics operant in the macro universe where gravity applies and the speed of light is a constant.

In a way, you can picture it as a gravity well.  Matter spins around it as it descends the well.  Matter passes through the event horizon and its energy increases as it spins ever faster the closer it approaches the center  of the well.  When it goes through the bottom of the well it has reached the Planck length of 10-33.  It drains through to the “other side,” transparent to gravity, faster than the speed of light—superluminal—along a straight line, kind of like going through a worm hole which warps space-time so that it reappears outside the event horizon where it once again can be observed.  The stuff of our universe is going down the drain and is spun into an ejectant and thrown off much like a spider composes its web of highly gelatinous silk that is extremely sticky and which has extraordinary tensile strength.

Energy at such metaphysical levels does not obey the laws of the physical universe.  But, that energy condenses matter and energy along its path so that it is observable in the form of cosmic radiation emitted from a quasar.  Young stars are born from the coalescence of energy around these vibrating strings.  The black hole births the stars by destroying the old shape and form of the matter/energy.

Once information is destroyed by the swallowing of the energy after it enters the accretion disk, it comes out the other end and the information is restored.  The process of evolution is initiated once that occurs.  Time has  been suspended once the energy reaches the 11th power.  When the 11th dimension unfolds, all hell breaks loose!  The inflaton is unleashed.  Nothing happens.  The nothing referred to in the Tao seems to me to relate to what cannot be observed “because” on that “plane of reality” a universe which follows its own laws exists within which these forces operate out of our space-time continuum.

I suppose, since I am speaking metaphorically throughout this thought piece or gedankenstücke, we are then in a kind of exalted state in which space-time does not exist, where eternity replaces space-time.  Nothing is no longer the negation of thing, but is in itself a plane of existence that occurs only at the Planck length at the Planck energy, attainable in black holes.

The hole becomes a spider, spinning out its web of power.  In effect, the web creates space-time.  In a way this could be a theory of continuous creation.  Space-time comes from somewhere, so why not postulate a higher level of unfolded 11th dimensional “reality” out of which space-time emerges?  In space-time, as opposed to eternity, the 7 dimensions fold up into unexpressed Calabi-Yau manifolds, multi-dimensional curlicues, leaving the 4 dimensions of our observable universe according to M Theory, the meta-string theory now referred to as Superstring Theory.  In a way I’m stating that if M Theory is correct, and at the levels of energy in black holes potent enough to light up into a quasar, the dimensions unfold—out of nothing comes something, out of metaphysics comes physics.

I could go on to make a connection between metaphysics and Metaphysics.  But here I am on shakier ground (if that is possible considering the thesis I am proposing is contrary to the laws of physics as we know them), so I will only suggest a correspondence.  If “true,” the black hole might become a metaphor for God the creator.  The creator would be the Creator.  I don’t think this is a stretch since religion appears to have prefigured not only physics but psychology and chemistry.  Religious thinking seems to me to be an intuitive grasp of our world.  Creation myths emanate from intuitive apprehension of worlds beyond our own.  Artist create pieces describing these worlds.  Now we have computer-generated graphics of galaxies colliding; then we had Jacob’s Ladder, a heaven and a hell, incarnation and reincarnation, levels of consciousness both previous to and following death, a spirit realm.  The major theses of western and non-western religions speak of realms beyond our own in strong terms.  All I am saying is they resonate with some of the ideas I am presenting above, but in a pre-scientific manner of thinking.

I am using words to describe a compositional device I utilized when composing my piece in seven movements, Black Hole.  In it, I place in the middle a movement that is conceived as the movement of energy from the heart of the black hole and is described in the literature as a jet.  However, I do not see jets coming from black holes like normal astrophysicists do (surprise).  I see them as 11-dimensional jets defying the laws of physics—M Theory—which I extend as a form of artistic license.  If you want to hear this piece it is recorded by PRO VISO and is out of print.  On special request I can make it available.  Please correspond to me through this post if you want me to burn a copy for you.

The strength of my speculations, axioms, and theses ultimately rests on observation.  Hopefully, mathematical models can be developed or have already been developed describing these interactions.  Nothing becomes everything and every thing becomes nothing.

Nspacetime = 0

Nspacetime = 1

0 = 1

0 = spirit

1 = spirit

N0 spacetime = N1 spacetime

N0 spacetime = light matter

N1 spacetime = dark matter

Each N–N0 and N1–have unique laws of physics and interact according to them.  Notes, words, expressions of vibratory nature and relative levels of acceleration constitute N, 0 and 1.

Every part is of the whole and is entangled.

Parts are words, letters, narrative, poetry.

Notes are vibratory and interact on all levels, just as do words.

Matter and energy inform words, notes.

Dark and light inhabit dark universes and light universes and are organized into dark and light centers of energy/matter/spirit and interact and can be formed into structures, maps, essences of greater transparency or lesser transparency.  Quality is defined by transparency and dischord (discord) shapes transparency. Dischord and transparency coexist to bring about chiarascuro, depth, flatness, and limit.

We participate in this in real and in projected form.

If physics is the king of the sciences, then psychology is the monad of the sciences encompassing all sciences, spirit, chaos, order, elemental and civilization without end:  DISCUSS.


I’m changing. Up till now I’ve insisted I did not have the self-promotion gene. This gene is not expressed, i.e., functional. Time to express it. In the interest of playing more music in front of others. Widening my field of music means playing music I haven’t played in years. Been working with phenomenal vocalist Lex Grey and incredible drummer Sonny Rock up in the Catskills which extended into sitting in with more rockers up there like Tas Cru and Murali Coryell. Re-entered the new music downtown NY scene–playing with Rashid Bakr/Charles Downs’Centipede with Ras Moshe, Larry Roland, Billy Stein, Matt Lavelle. Sessioning with Steve Cohn. Getting down with Mel Nusbaum, Billy Stein and ZONE. Put out INTERVALS, a cd with Billy Stein that breaks down all the barriers. Ready to do it again. And working with and putting out a cd,New York and Me, produced by NY/Santa Fe storyteller Regina Ress. And the third cd, Natural, that came out this year on old buddy Mike Mahaffay’s label in a group called the Willamette River Pirates caught me playing with the West Coast new music scene. Also curated the first night of the 7th Annual Westbeth Music Festival and played in four different groups including ZONE, Michael Moss / Billy Stein Duo, Dave Mann Mannmadesound, and The Raytones. And, released two YouTube videos of Billy Stein and myself.

Next up a west coast tour in the spring. Billy Stein and I are performing March 20, 2013 with my old buddy pianist Jack Bowers in the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. Reaching out to other venues on the left coast.

Coming to my point…. My self-promotion gene is starting to express itself, as am I. I’m composing new music and want to share it with others. You can purchase INTERVALS on this webpage. I’m playing with as many people as possible. Help me climb that mountain. I’m itching to expand.

Michael Moss Billy Stein performed Pyramid on August 3, 2012 at the WestbethMusicWorks First Fridays Concert Series.  Moss Stein released their duo CD, INTERVALS, August 26, 2013, available at CDBaby and iTunes.

Ok, this idea sounds meshugah to one of the physicists I spoke with at the end of a salon entitled “Refining Einstein.” It was part of the World Science Festival, 2013. I volunteer every year and get to hear smart people talk about Einstein and quantum physics. This year the salon participants decided to avoid the quantum physics part and devoted their attention to defining and refining the geometry of time. Which is ok if you didn’t know that they were supposed to relate time to both the macro and micro, to Einsteinian spacetime and to quantum mechanics.
One of the questions from the audience wondered whether or not the absolute zero of time wouldn’t be the big bang at its inception when time did not yet exist. In other words, time originated with space. That makes sense since time and space are so intimately related that the geometer of space absolutely defines time and time cannot be separated from space. Gravity is the great force here as mass and energy warp spacetime, slowing and accelerating time itself. In fact, gravity became the 800 pound gorilla in the room of the salon and time and space were inseparably linked with the effect mass and energy have on spacetime.
But what happens to gravity in the quantum world where mass/energy does not have much effect on subatomic particles? Gravity is comparatively weak in spacetime; in quantum levels there is no valid theory of gravity. Quantum loop gravity theory is one effort to define gravity on the quantum level but is as yet less than authoritative. The distances are so short and the energy so high that compared to the weak force, the strong force, and random events gravity is still enigmatic.
Time and gravity are structural elements but neither have clear roles when the issues of singularity or entanglement come up. The numbers in the mathematical equations reach for infinity at the center of a black hole—a singularity—relative to time, space, and are thus undefined. If your equation results in infinity, the result is invalid. This is not the way to go about working this out.
My insight: entanglement, defined as two particles so involved with each other that action or measurement of one changes the other instantaneously no matter how far apart they are states that no time is spent communicating through spacetime. This “spooky action at a distance” (Einstein) has a real claim on reality. Just don’t ask me what reality is. Entanglement reflects a state of no-time. The absolute zero of time which I choose to ascribe to the state at the period of origin, named by Fred Hoyle as the big bang, is also timeless. My question: at both the singularity, and in entanglement, time n’existe pas. Therefore is there not some relationship?
The physicist I spoke with adamantly denied a relationship between singularity no-time and entanglement no-time. He did not want to go into it. Nonetheless, I can’t stop thinking about it.
My thinking spread out, like an electron wave. What if photons and other massless particles that travel at light-speed and therefore do not “experience” time are aspects of this phenomenon of entanglement and singularity? Really, the way I understand it, gravity slows down time, and at the singularity time stops. There might be a connection. Some would say that all particles are entangled because all energy and mass emerged from the singularity of the big bang. I am not about to say we are all one, though that would explain a lot, such as the existence of the mind and our ability to communicate with others instantaneously, experiences anecdotally verified but not yet experimentally validated. We could branch out into the concept of synchronicity, a bildung co-created by analyst Carl G. Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli. No, I want to correlate the science of quantum mechanics with the science of spacetime. I do not believe my question is without meaning, order, or even relativity.
Time for me is special. I love time. As a musician I consider time to be the skeleton upon which the flesh of music is hung. I know that the brain sets up sympathetic vibrations of action potential among a group of listeners to music that captures and unites a crowd. Time for me is the essence of music, and even when musicians say they are ignoring time when they play freely, without time, I think time is implied. You can hear time in the energy. Time slows down at lower energy levels of expression and speeds up at higher levels of energy. Playing sometimes feels like I’m riding a wave that moves faster than the speed of thought. I surf the wave of time as notes pop out of the quantum foam of superposition of notes. I am very familiar with time as both a construct of creativity and as a value in physics. I am fascinated with time. And no time.
The physicist asked me why I asked the absurd question: is there a correlation between the absolute zero of time and quantum entanglement? I could not believe I had to explain: there must be an overarching construct relating the non-existence of time with both the singularity and with entanglement. Isn’t it obvious?
Now that I think about it, might there not be some form of equivalence between the speed of light and no-time? Time n’existe pas at the speed of light. Photons do not age. And photons, once emitted from quantum interactions, do not accelerate. They are always going at the maximum speed allowed. I have always been fascinated by that fact. A photon is emitted, and no time exists, and it travels at 386K miles per hour. It is as miraculous and ridiculous as quantum entanglement. The double slit experiment with its interference waves of particles is just as mysterious. How can there not be some kind of equivalence?
Now, you might think that I am just blowing smoke because I do not refer to mathematical constructs. You are correct. Smoke is ineffable, exhibits a chaotic lack of form, and appears at the higher end of entropy. That is, smoke has no form because it is the end product of other interactions. It has high entropy. It has low meaning content. And I am out there blowing smoke, making meaningless statements born of pure intuition. I do not wish to resort to the obvious—tell me why it can’t be true?—argument. Who cares? It’s just that I trust my intuition. This question comes from a deep understanding of time and what you can do in space with time. All I need is Einstein’s brain to construct a true gedankenexperiment. Yes, I know I am Einstein’s distant cousin, but I don’t have his mind. I do, however, have a small bit if his attitude and focus, though at an exponentially dimmer wattage. “What if?” the absolute zero of time and entanglement mean something bigger? I’d like to know.

Hi–AGAIN.  The collaborative band ZONE, featuring myself on tenor, soprano, flute, and clarinets, Mel Nusbaum on keys, Billy Stein on guitar, Robert Edwards on electric bass, Lou Selmi on drums, and Yogui on congas and percussion, performs Friday, June 7, 2013 in the Community Room at Westbeth.

Where:  Westbeth Community Room, 55 Bethune Street

When:  Friday, June 7, 8 PM

Tickets:  $10

We’re adding a couple of players to last year’s band–guitarist Billy Stein and Yogui on congas/percussion.  Since then Billy and I have recorded a cd that we will release early next fall.  I’ve been playing with these guys going into our 4th year and you can really hear it.  Plus, Lou just purchased Elvin Jones’ personal drum kit and is so excited he has energized the entire band.  Hope to share a glass of wine with ya.Image

Tonight, Chazen Sabrina Lipton, the GRS choir and GRS band plus a ringer–myself–will celebrate Yom Haatsmaut (Israeli Independence Day). I love working with Sabrina…a wonderful spirit and a beautiful voice. Let us pray that music is truly the healing force of the universe.MM&BS  0408

Billy Stein and myself–going into the studio Friday night and Saturday afternoon (Feb. 22/23, 2013). Systems Two–best studio–lusting to record on Coltrane’s ribbon mic.
Practice. Putting life and soul into notes on a page. Taking ideas from my body and consciousness and storing them in cache of creative moves to make in unexpected moments of inspiration.
Two fractured ribs: got hit by a snowboarder two weeks ago and wiped out at Hunter Mt. Skiied a couple more hours–fool! Thought it was just bruised. Then made a gig a week later with Billy and storyteller Regina Ress at famous Provincetown Playhouse in the Village. She released CD “New York and Me” with myself making “musical comments.”
Still in pain but still breathin’. Discovered I have two sets of muscles–one to expand my rib cage which hurts, and one to play on which involves pushing out air. Turns out music is not only the healing force of the universe, it is the healing force of my body. Still playing.

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