Steve Cohn was commissioned to compose and perform an original work that premiered with the Watanabe Dance Company in Japan. He has conducted master classes (including the Paris National Conservatory) and has received grants from Arts International, Meet the Composer, and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Two of his recordings, Sufi Dancers and Ittekimasu, received four star ratings in Downbeat Magazine and placed on the list of top ten releases in Cadence Magazine. The Beggar And The Robot In Diamonds was also chosen on the “Top Ten List of 1997” by Tracking Angle.

Charles Fertal received a two year full scholarship to study piano with Connie Crothers. Fertal won the Ft. Dix DCAAU boxing championship and the First Army boxing championship. He was awarded his black belt certificate by Grand Master Min Pai in Butterfly Hand Kung Fu. He was martial arts advisor for the Oriental Ballet Company of Japan for Prayer of the Spirit at Lincoln Center, NY. Sifu Fertal gave a martial arts demonstration at the University of Beijing Kung Fu Department. He taught Kung Fu self defense Tai Chi courses at the New York Athletic Club voted the number one health club in the United States. From 1997-’98 Fertal was in Hollywood teaching celebrities martial arts.

Larry Roland was awarded the Poetry Award in 1971 from Northeastern University. He was awarded a Position To Represent the Northeastern Region of the US in the Poetry category in FESTAC-77, the World International Black Arts Festival in Lagos, Nigeria in 1977. The New England Conservatory of Music Community Music Program awarded Roland Recognition for Working With Youth from 2004-’07. In 2005 Roland coordinated percussion workshops during Percussion Week at the Berklee College of Music.

Michael Moss was elected Secretary, Vice President, then President of Free Life Communication, Inc., a musicians cooperative in New York City, the early 1970s. He is featured in an upcoming University of Chicago Press publication Revolutionary Ensembles by Robert Gluck about Free Life Communication and the loft-jazz revolution of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. His compositions, performances and musical publications have won him the respect and admiration of colleagues and presenting venues around the world. Moss was asked to join the Board of Directors of Art Awareness, the Board of the Madison Musicians Cooperative, and he presently serves on the Greene County Council on the Arts. He has served as curator for music festivals including the First, Second and Third Loft Jazz Celebrations in NYC comprised of four different loft jazz organizations in the ‘70s, Loft in the Sky Music Festival for three years for Art Awareness, and for seven years (2007-’13) at the Westbeth Music Festival in NYC. He was chosen to compose a piece for the Jazz Composers Orchestra for 100 musicians at a concert presented at New York University. Another of his compositions, for 60 musicians, was presented in a live broadcast for WBAI-FM in NYC.