Back in the ‘60s, energy was not only physical–it was mental and, especially, spiritual.  Spiritual energy transforms consciousness to higher levels through the action of the self (C.G. Jung).  The mission statement of ERG Publishing Company is to bring about the cultural transformation of humanity through art and literature.  ERG, the energy it takes to lift one gram one centimeter to the next higher level, takes on a spiritual as well as a physical meaning. ERG Publishing Company is registered with the City of New York as is 4th Stream Records.  All the music produced by Michael Moss (reeds, composer, arranger) is published by ERG.  All the writings, both speculative and research, are published by ERG.  Through ERG Moss is working to raise the energic potential of humanity.  ERG remains a vanity press at the moment.  Whether or not it remains so depends upon the potential ERG has to limn works of other like-minded artists, musicians, and writers.