Steven Louis Cohn, pianist and shakuhachi innovator, has conducted master classes at the Paris National Conservatory and has had his compositions commissioned for performance with the Watanabe Dance Company in Japan. He has performed his own works at the Ottawa Jazz Festival (1988 & 2000), Fiesta International USSR, World Shakuhachi Festivals and other festivals and tours in Europe, Estonia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Chile, China, and Korea.

In 1989, Larry Roland was invited to perform with the Raphe’ Malik band, and went on the road performing throughout the east coast, Canada and Europe from 1991-94, recording 21st Century Texts…Live in Berlin in ’91 on the FMP label, and in the summer of ’97 toured Southern France with Donel Fox and Waldron Ricks where he recorded 21st Century Decisions (Boston Composers Group, 2000). Larry has also been invited to recite his work at international poetry festivals hosted in Lagos, Nigeria, Cologne, Germany, and Bolzano, Italy. He has toured Canada—Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal (1994-2003).

Michael Moss has traveled to India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Thailand and Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean where he collaborated with the finest musicians. Following a life-long passion for expanding jazz improvisation to include musical traditions from around the world, Michael has written original music to reflect these different ethnic traditions.

Chuck Fertal has toured Istanbul, Turkey, Greece, China, Japan, South America, Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean islands.