Billy Stein and myself–going into the studio Friday night and Saturday afternoon (Feb. 22/23, 2013). Systems Two–best studio–lusting to record on Coltrane’s ribbon mic.
Practice. Putting life and soul into notes on a page. Taking ideas from my body and consciousness and storing them in cache of creative moves to make in unexpected moments of inspiration.
Two fractured ribs: got hit by a snowboarder two weeks ago and wiped out at Hunter Mt. Skiied a couple more hours–fool! Thought it was just bruised. Then made a gig a week later with Billy and storyteller Regina Ress at famous Provincetown Playhouse in the Village. She released CD “New York and Me” with myself making “musical comments.”
Still in pain but still breathin’. Discovered I have two sets of muscles–one to expand my rib cage which hurts, and one to play on which involves pushing out air. Turns out music is not only the healing force of the universe, it is the healing force of my body. Still playing.


Billy Stein on guitar and I on Bb clarinet performed Billy’s piece, “Riverside After Dark” at the Westbeth MusicWorks First Fridays Concert Series on August 3, 2012.

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