Dreams are like rainbows—they are not objects, have no existence in spacetime except for in our unconscious, but are consciously experienced. Unlike rainbows, they express something. In a previous post I suggest rainbows are subjective melds of spacetime and quantum physics. What are dreams relative to this melding? How are reality and dreamtime superpositioned?

C.G. Jung once described dreams as potential. Jung would not embark on a project until a dream revealed to him the pathway and made available the energy to accomplish his goal. Building upon that, dreams provide the potential energy and the symbol; ego functions to bring dreams into the spacetime. If a dream is a metaphor for what is possible, it is a metaphor for superposition.

Like a rainbow, superposition is quantum possibility in a broader spectrum. We perceive the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum even if there are more wavelengths we cannot perceive. They are out there but we are not sensitive to them. Dreams are like the things we cannot perceive but they are out there nonetheless. How can I make my dreams come true?

I tell my patients to put into some artistic form what their dreams tell them. It does not matter to me if they paint them, play them, work with clay, poetry, movies, movement. Just bringing them into this world crosses the threshold between quantum and relative reality. It is like bringing a rainbow into the world.