What if nonlinear mathematical equations known as chaos theory may be applied to neuronal development, behavior, and the mind? I am not talking about religious chaos, Jungian chaos, good and evil chaos. I do not like the descriptor “chaos” because nonlinear equations produce what appear to be chaotic flutter, arrhythmia, turbulence, lightening, and other phenomena which are less organized than so-called order would predict stability to be. Yet there is stability in nonlinearity. If I call personality determinants such as ego “attractors,” then other nonlinear psychological organizations are also attractors. Chaos theory defines strange attractors as stable and deterministic patterns that cost a system less energy and do not repeat themselves. Can psychological strange attractors be described by the nonlinear mathematical formulae which chaos theory utilizes to create strange attractors and Mandelbrot fractals?
I want to study this problem and if anyone can make a scientific contribution to this issue I will pay extreme attention to their comments.