I assert that the mind functions according to quantum states.  Mind collapses probability waves as described clearly by Feynman.  The brain is an organ specifically organized to collapse probability waves, inducing mind.  We are connected by entanglement, every one of us.  We apperceive non-local events across superluminous and extreme distances at FTL—faster than light—speeds as they occur.  We apperceive events before they occur.  Time does not strictly follow the arrow of time as suggested by dreams, visions, psychotic states, paranoid delusions, schizophrenic experience of the living dead, communication through teeth of messages from people on Mars, or seers and prophets as they peer into the future.

By this last statement, I do not support all psychotic visions and experiences as true, but I wish to examine them from a different standpoint than commonly accepted agreed upon reality.  Different cultures induce trance states.  Many drugs induce alternative reality states.  Why not look at what these states represent from the perspective of quantum mind before throwing out the baby with the bath water?

Synchronicity, a Jungian principle of acausal meaningful simultaneous events, might come under the quantum mind definition.  Geomantic procedures, including the Chinese Book of Changes—the I Ching—as described in The Secret of the Golden Flower, appear to be based upon the belief that the universe is one and all events in the universe are entangled in the moment.  The I Ching explicitly states it relies upon the constellation of universal forces when the Oracle answers questions put to it.  I think astrology and Tarot may also rely on quantum mind.

Please don’t think I am adhering to the belief that ufo sightings “prove” anything.  Jung makes the point that these sightings may be projections of the unconscious and until an alien steps out of the movie screen and says hello I will have to maintain an air of polite skepticism as a psychologist.  I just do not feel it is wise to rule out events and experiences until they are adequately described in a scientific manner.

Spacetime is the universe our body and our brain occupies.  Our individuality can be explained by the individual frame occupied by each brain.  Your spacetime and mine coexist  relative to one another.  We communicate through the mind.  The mind is a marvelous thing.  Let us wonder.