Director: Fourth Stream Records

Director: ERG Publishing Company

President: Free Life Communication, Inc. 1972-1975, Secretary/Vice President: Free Life Communication, Inc. 1970-1972

Artistic Director of Music: Art Awareness, Lexington, NY: Loft in the Sky Jazz Festival 1982-1986

Producer: INTERVALS (ERG 2013) 2013; THE VESSEL (ERG 044), 2003; PYRAMID (ERG 040), 1983; LIVE AT ACIA (ERG 031), 1979; CROSS CURRENT (ERG 022), 1978; UPSTREAM (ERG 013), 1976.

Selected Discography of recordings not produced by Moss: NEW YORK AND ME, Regina Ress (2013)–received 2014 STORYTELLING WORLD RESOURCE AWARDS; NATURAL, Willamette River Pirates, Michael Mahaffay Archives (2013); ETHER-REAL, Jack Bowers (2004); DREAMCATCHER, Collective 4tet, Stork Music 1007 (1993), BINDU, Collective 4tet, Stork Music 1007 (1993), I’M THE ONE, Annette Peacock, Paul Bley, RCA (1972).

Leader: Mike Moss/4Rivers, 1974 to present; Free Energy 1972-1974, 3d Ear Band 1981-1986.

Collective bands: The NYC Collective 4tet (1994); The Collective 4tet (1993); Greene/Moss (with Burton Greene) 1986;The Grand Union (1976).

Conductor: JCOA-Jazz Composers Orchestra Association (1980).

Musician: reeds–tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, Bb & bass clarinets, flute, karnatic flutes, wooden flutes, pennywhistles, zurna, Thai khean, shofar, ektara, percussion & piano.

Radio Appearances: WKCR-FM, WBAI-FM & WNYC-FM in New York City, WHA, WMFM-FM & WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin & WLAV-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Performed at NYC jazz lofts including Studio Rivbea, Environ, Space for Innovative Development, Sunrise Studio, The Brook, Jazzmania, Studio WE, Piano Magic, in the First & Second New York Loft Jazz Celebrations, the New York Musicians Jazz Festival; & college work at the Jazz & Blues Festival at Grand Valley State College in Michigan, Borough of Manhattan Community college (C.U.N.Y.), at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook opposite Anthony Braxton, the Isthmus Jazz Festival, & at the Loft in the Sky Jazz Festival (of which I was the artistic director.