PH.D. Counseling Psychology (1991)     

Reeds–tenor and soprano saxophones, Bb and bass clarinets, flute, karnatic flutes, bamboo flutes, penny whistle, zurna, Thai khean; piano

4th Stream Records (1976)-founder

ERG Publishing (1976)-founder

CEO: Fourth Stream Records (1976-present), CEO: ERG Publishing (1976-present), Publicity Chair:  Westbeth Artists Residents Council (2011-2014), Director, Board of Directors, Madison Music Collective, Madison, Wis.  (1987-1991), Artistic Director, Loft in the Sky Summer Jazz Festival at Art Awareness, Lexington, NY (1982-1986), Director, Board of Directors, Art Awareness, Lexington, NY (1981-1986), President:  Free Life Communication, Inc., New York, NY (1972-1975), Secretary/Vice President:  Free Life Communication, Inc., New York, NY (1970-1972)

Webpage:  www.m2-Theory.comhttps://m2-theory.com/erg-publishing/4th-stream-records/nyfq-the-new-york-free-quartet/https://m2-theory.com/erg-publishing/4th-stream-records/accidental-orchestra-musicians-names/accidental-orchestra-2/


            Michael Moss:  https://www.facebook.com/michael.moss.9809

            Accidental Orchestra:  https://www.facebook.com/AccidentalOrchestra/

            New York Free Quartet:  https://www.facebook.com/MossCohnRolandFertal/


            In Between Gigs . . . CAN YOU DIG?!? w/ New York Free Quartet w. Steve Cohn, Larry Roland, Chuck Fertal (ERG 10004, 2019)

            HELIX w/ Accidental Orchestra (ERG 10013, 2018)

            DREAM TIME w/ New York Free Quartet (ERG 100019, 2018)

            FREE PLAY w/ New York Free Quartet (ERG, 2015)

            INTERVALS w/ Billy Stein (ERG 2013, 2013)

            DEATH AND TRANSMIGRATION OF SOULS / BLACK HOLE, w/PRO VISO w. Ralph   Denzer, Louisa Bieler, Dan Scholnick (ERG 0220, 2008)

            QABALLA/ENTANGLEMENT; PRO VISO (ERG 0130, 2008)

            THE IMITATIONS GREAT HALL CONCERT 1965 (ERG 0310, 2008)

            DOUBLE VISiOn, w/PRO VISO (ERG 0022, 2007)

            PROVISiOns, w/ PRO VISO (ERG 0013, 2005)

            THE VESSEL w/ Nick DelGreco, John Shea (ERG 044, 2001)

            PYRAMID w/ Mikko Mikkola, John Shea (ERG 040, 1982)

            LIVE AT ACIA w/ 4 Rivers w. Bob Stern, Mike Mahaffay, John Shea (ERG 031, 1980)

            CROSS CURRENT w/ 4 Rivers–Bob Stern, Greg Kogan, John Shea, Muruga, Armen Halburian, Laurence Cook (ERG 022, 1978)

            UPSTREAM w. 4 Rivers–Greg Kogan, John Shea, Mike Mahaffay (ERG 013, 1976)

Selected Discography (from recordings not produced by Moss):           

             COLORATIONS-EXPLORATIONS, composition by Joe Daley, performed by Dance Clarinets (2021)

            NATURAL, Willamette River Pirates, Michael Mahaffay Archives (2013)

           NEW YORK AND ME, Regina Ress-storyteller (2012)

           ETHER-REAL, Jack Bowers-leader (2004)

           BENNY & THE WILDACHAYAS, Ben Laden-leader (1996)

          DREAMCATCHER w/ Collective 4tet w. William Parker, Mark Hennen, Heinz Geisser (Stork Music 008, 1993)

          BINDU w. Collective 4tet (Stork Music 009, 1993)

          ATZILUTH w/ Fourth World (1993)

          I’M THE ONE (Annette Peacock, Paul Bley, Mark Whitecage, Perry Robinson (RCA, 1972))

Leader: Accidental Orchestra (2016-present), Moss Music Group (1986-91), Mike Moss/4 Rivers (1974-86), Free Energy (1972-74)

Member: Dance Clarinets (2020-present), Michael Moss/Billy Stein Duo (2013-present), (2016, 3d Ear Band 1981-1986), New York Free Quartet (2014-present), ZONE (2009-2016), PRO VISO (2003–2009), Atziluth (1990s), Benny & the Wildachayas (1990s), Greene/Moss w/ Burton Greene (1986), The Collected Works (1970s)

Conductor:  Accidental Orchestra (2018-present), Jazz Composers Orchestra at New York University (1970s), Free Energy enhanced at WBAI-FM (1970s), Free Life Communication at the Space for Innovative Development (1970s)

Film and video: 

    Accidental Orchestra at Scholes Street Studio ( 2019):  C# or Bb:  See Sharp or Be Flat, VIMEO:  https://vimeo.com/user96137480

     Southwestern Suite (2019), Ted Timreck cinematographer and sound design, Michael Moss, composer and soloist on Bb clarinet.  Smithsonian Museum (2019). VIMEO:  Southwest Suite          

     New York Free Quartet (2018) @ Bushwick Improvisational Series:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X7k2D_Zsvo

     KETHER (5.18.18), Accidental Orchestra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU8Am8KSj4U

      YESOD (5.18.18), Accidental Orchestra:  https://youtu.be/c_nrOhF6j0E

     Conjunction (1.15.15):  ShapeShifter Lab

     Inspired (8.6.15):  NYFQ at Bridge Street Cabaret

     Pyramid (8.6.15):  NYFQ at Bridge Street Cabaret

     Mirror (8.6.15):  NYFQ at Bridge Street Cabaret https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMVohVEvugw

     Riverside After Dark:  Billy Stein (g) & Michael art Moss (Bb clarinet).mov

     PYRAMID:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlWMGg7lBwA

     Larry Roland/Michael Moss/Chuck Fertal-Children’s Magical Garden—Arts for Art (Sept. 24, 2016): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fExyi4d_xA&feature=em-share_video_user

     THE KEY:  ZONE (Michael Moss, ss; Mel Nusbaum, p; Larry Roland, b; Lou Selmi, d. Composition by Nusbaum:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFOgzH5EVuw

Theatre:  composed and performed score for Exile Is My Home by playwright Domnica Radulescu


            2018:  Arranged for 22-piece Accidental Orchestra:  Qabballah::Entanglement—Ain Soph, Kether, Binah, Hokhmah’, Hesed, Pa’had, Tiphereth, Netza’h, Hod, Yesod, Malkuth; Can We Forget Remembering Being Born?, sestina by Louisa Bieler

            2016: See Sharp or Be Flat/C# or Bb; The Old One–I Inception, II Bridge/Dorje, III Qabbala / Tree Of Life, IV Bardo Thödol // Angels And Devils / Wizards And     Deatheaters, V The Mind Of God / StreamingThrone Of Gold; Al Buraq Wailing Wall Road

            2015:  Judy’s Jump, Krishna Emerging from the Weeds, Maestro Higgs, For Roy

            2014:  Peace Time, Menorah / Chordal Experiment, Mirror, Mount Sinai, Moses on the Mountaintop, Haunted

            2013:  Westbeth Blues, Swimmin’ Hole

            2012:  3 Points-4 Dimensions, Autumnal

            2011:  O’Shea Oy Vey, 7.27.11 Blues

            2010:  Chordal Experiment, Elegy for Danny, Going Direct, ‘Hesed-Love, O’Shea Olé, Say It Like It Is, Superstring, Touch Me

            2008:  Can We Forget Being Born Remembering?

            2007:  Qabbala/Entanglement: A Suite in Ten Movements

            2006: Black Hole: A Suite in Eight Movements, Für Frida

            2001:  Nichts Mehr, Collective Compositions for The Vessel

            1993: Collective compositions by the Collective 4tet Dreamcatcher (Stork 008, 1993): Flytrack, Oracle, Snap Decisions, Dreamcatcher; Bindu (Stork Music 009, 1993):  Bass Clarity, Did You Hear Everything?, Beyond Reason, I Remember Now, Bindu, Jig Jag

            1982:  Pyramid, Shira Luck

             1978:  Ain Soph

             1977:  Fertile Crescent, St. Patrick’s Shillelagh, Amitabha

             1976:  Jig

             1975:  Rising Canyon Shadows, Freedom Chant, Waeving

             1974:  Bibbity Bop, Ergic Mandala

             1973:  Astral Blue, Wakan, Suite for Middle C or Tout en Rond

             1972:  Free Life Communication, Emergence/Consciousness: A Suite in Six Movements

             1971:  Inside

             1970:  March On, Hardly, Interaction

             1969:  After Thought, Resurrection

             1968:  Judy’s Tune, Melba toast

             1967:  Coal Sack

             1963: Bad Bessie, Samson’s Walk

Studied with:  H. Baron Moss (his father), Harvey Estrin

Worked with:

Reeds:  Sam Rivers, Dave Liebman, JD Parran, Marty Ehrlich, Lee Odom, Ken Meyer, Charles Waters, Claire Daly, Fred Rosenberg, Isaiah Johnson, Isaiah Richardson, Jr., D. Zisl Slepovitch, Randolph Murphy, Peter Hess, Don Slatoff, Richard Cohen, Ivan Barenboim, Paul Austerlitz, Gunter Hampel, Ras Moshe Burnett, Elliot Levin, Michael Lytle, Richard Keene, Dave Sewelson, Sabir Mateen, Perry Robinson, Mark Whitecage

Brass:  Steve Swell, Peter Zummo, Brian Groder, Waldron Mahdi Ricks, Vincent Chancey, Marty Cook, Jeff Hoyer, John Jensen, Ralph Denzer, Jimmy Parker

Pianists: Alexis Marcelo, Steve Cohn, Dave Burrell, Paul Bley, Richie Beirach, Mark Hennen, Greg Kogan, John Fischer, Ben Sidran, Burton Greene, Jack Bowers, Mel Nusbaum, Dave Stoler, H. Baron Moss

Bassists:  Larry Roland, Ken Filiano, Michael Bisio, William Parker, Cameron Brown, Bryce Sebastian, Bill Vishnu Wood, Frank Tusa, John Miller, Noah Young (Richard Youngstein), John Shea, Francois Grillot

Drummers: Warren Smith, Newman Taylor Baker, Jackson Krall, Mike Wimberley, Rashid Bakr/Charles Downs, Badal Roy, Bob Meyer, Nasheet Waits, Clyde Stubblefield, Andrew Drury, Laurence Cook, Armen Halburian, Bobby Moses, Mike Mahaffey, Heinz Geisser, Muruga, Chuck Fertal

Vibes:  Warren Smith, Chien Chien Lu

Guitarists: Billy Stein, Dom Minasi, Rick Iannacone, Gabriel Abularach, Steve Kahn, Mel Nusbaum, Dan Rose, Paul Collins

Strings: violin–Jason Kao Hwang, Rosi Hertlein, Fung Chern Hwei, Elinor Speirs, Ludovica Bertone, Mikko Mikkola, Louisa Bieler, Michal Urbaniak, Bob Stern ; viola–Stephanie Griffin, Melanie Dyer; cello–Tanja Hoehne, Lenny Mims, Carol Buck, George Crotty, Martha Siegel, David Eyges 

Poets/Story Tellers:  Larry Roland, Regina Ress, Elliot Levin, Diane Wolkstein, Steve and Gloria Tropp, Robin Bady, Emanuel Chassot

Vocalists:  Tracy Nelson, Arlene Gottfried, Bobby Harden, Michael Kasper, Sabrina Lipton, Irma Routen

Puppeteers:  Ralph Lee, Bread and Puppet Theater

Dancers: 1968 — present:  Judith Moss; 1960 — present: Esmé Boyce, Andrew Chapman, Hope Plumb, Martin Davis, Rosalind Newman, Beth Soll, Leslie Satin, The Collected Works, Turks & Caicos Fine Arts Foundation, Spaghetti Dinner (NYC)

Radio appearances:  WKCR-FM (NYC), WBAI-FM (NYC), WNYC-FM (NYC), Little Water Radio, WMFM-FM, WORT-FM and WHA-FM in Madison, WI, WLAV-FM in Grand Rapids, MI

Performed at:

ShapeShifter Lab (2014, 2016), ABC-No Rio (2013) ), River Street Theater (2014-16), Westbeth Music Festival, NYC (2007-2013); Westbeth 40th Anniversary Festival (2010); PS 122 NYC (2009), Philadelphia Fringe Festival (2005 & 2006), Fishtastacon Music Festival, Philadelphia (2005 & 2006); Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (2003); Isthmus Jazz Festival, Madison, WI (1990s); Swiss Embassy, Washington, D.C.; Swiss Institute and Piano Magic. NYC, and Convergence Centre, Philadelphia, as part of tour sponsored by Pro Helvetia–a Swiss foundation; NYC jazz lofts including Studio Rivbea, Environ, Space for Innovative Development, Sunrise Studio, The Brook, Jazzmania, Studio WE, and in the First and Second New York Jazz Loft Celebrations (1970s), the New York Musicians Jazz Festival (1970s), Jazz and Blues Festival at Grand Valley State College, Michigan (1970s), Borough of Manhattan Community College CUNY (1970s), SUNY at Stony Brook opposite Anthony Braxton (1970s), the University of Wisconsin—Madison (1960s), Northeastern Illinois University (1960s).

Dancers: 1968 — present:  Judith Moss; 1960-present: Roz Newman, Beth Soll, Leslie Satin, The Collected Works, Turks & Caicos Fine Arts Foundation, Spaghetti Dinner (NYC).

Contact:  Fourth Stream Records, 463 West Street #1006D, New York, NY 10014

(CELL) 646-691-4330

email:   m2moss11@gmail.com

Webpage: m2-Theory for further information, writings about music, creativity, physics, and quantum mind.