I quote:  “Strange Loops involving rules that change themselves, directly or indirectly, are at the core of intelligence (Gödel, Escher, Bach, Hofstadter, D.R., Vintage Books. 1979).”  I think I think and to find out I look upon all thinking from the Gödelian perspective of incompleteness theory which states we KNOW we do not know everything–so what do you know–nothing–and everything.  I think.  Unexpected connections natural to logic and illogic alike are reconnected or connected for the first time or connected in a meaningful symbolic manner inclusive of the inability to include everything.

We argue about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and constantly redraw the line separating artificial and intelligence.  You can hear it in the music.  Tensors hold spacetime to a gravitational mold.  Strange loops relate all territory to all non-territory repeatedly to create choral harmony when we see that all tonal and microtonal interactions relate through such interactions.

Hofstadter refers to a golden braid that is eternal and golden.  He could not be more optimistic as he defines music as logical and illogical, sometimes at the same time!  That memory is fluid becomes a proof of Strange Loops’ insistence on the relativity of synthesis, of the incompleteness of analysis.  If every memory is a composite of sensations, emotion, feeling, and so forth which can and must be rearranged if for nothing else to make room in our brain for more memories we are talking about an efficiency with a range of from poor to excellent…and beyond but never reaching perfection.

MetaHoloConsciousness might or might not be present but this does not matter if and only if the observer lifts self above experience and reflects upon it, able to include and to extricate self from the memory.  The memory reconstructs itself according to the theory of Strange Loops.  Something important becomes irrelevant and the irrelevant emerges into consciousness.  The reason to have a meta relationship with reality makes for a reason to have consciousness.

These connections need to be expanded.  I realize much of what I say in the above paragraphs make intuitive sense to me but may not connect to others  unless you share my worldview.  I apologize for my obtuseness.  There are just so many ideas and so few ways to express them in words.  Perhaps that is why music to me makes more sense than verbal expression.

I will write some more as soon as these ideas begin to gel and hopefully make more sense to you, my long-suffering reader.