4th Stream Records will be releasing FREE PLAY, a New York Free Quartet CD in 2015. FREE PLAY was recorded live at a New York Free Quartet performance on July 29, 2014 at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn. A YouTube video of the performance of Conjunction, a piece by Michael Moss, may be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOrRoknhAYA&feature=youtu.be

Members of the New York Free Quartet have an extensive history documenting their work. Following is a summary of each member’s contribution to the overall scope of the group.

Michael Moss formed 4th Stream Records, an independent record label, and ERG Publishing, an independent publishing company in 1972 On 4th Stream Records Moss released Intervals ( 2013, featuring Billy Stein); Death And Transmigration Of Souls and Qaballa/Entanglement; (2008 with PRO VISO featuring Ralph Denzer, Louisa Bieler, Dan Scholnick); The Imitations Great Hall Concert 1965 (released in 2008, featuring vocalists Tracy Nelson, Chuck Matthews, and Irma Routen, and musicians Mel Nusbaum, Ben Sidran, Gary Karp, Dick Drake, George Haberichter, Hart McNee, Kip Maercklein, Myron Cohen); Double Vision (2007, with PRO VISO featuring Ralph Denzer, Louisa Bieler, Dan Scholnick); PROVISiOns, (2005 with PRO VISO featuring Ralph Denzer, Louisa Bieler, Dan Scholnick); The Vessel (2003, featuring John Shea and Nick DelGreco); Pyramid (1983, featuring Mikko Mikkola, John Shea); Live At ACIA (1979, featuring Bob Stern, Mike Mahaffay, John Shea); Cross Current (1978, featuring Greg Kogan, Bob Stern, John Shea, Muruga Sharma, Armen Halburian, Mike Mahaffay, Laurence Cook); and Upstream (1976, featuring Greg Kogan, John Shea, Mike Mahaffay). Moss also appears on New York And Me (2013, featuring storyteller Regina Ress) which received The 2014 Storytelling World Resource Award; Natural (2013, Michael Mahaffay Archives) with the Willamette River Pirates (featuring leader Mike Mahaffay, John Jensen, Michael Lastra, Lisa Lipton, Scott Steele, Enrique Ugalde); Music to Lift the Soul (2014, featuring leader Chazzen Michael Kasper with a large ensemble); Ether-Real (2004 featuring leader Jack Bowers, Bob Stern, Donald Alston, Tom Bockhold); Dreamcatcher and Bindu, (1993 with the Collective 4tet featuring Mark Hennen, William Parker, Hans Geisser, Stork Music); Weltwunder Der Kinematographie, Angel Prologue, (2001, on Film History Auf DVD, Ralph Denzer, composer, Polzer Verlog, Potsdam, Germany); Benny & The Wildachayas (1996, featuring leader Ben Laden and ensemble); Fourth World (1993, featuring leader Chazzen Jack Kessler and ensemble); and I’m The One (1972, featuring leader Annette Peacock and Paul Bley and ensemble, RCA).

         A selected discography of the work of Steve Cohn contains the following LPs and CDs: Sufi Dancers (1983), White Cow Records (featuring Larry Hancock, Warren Gale, David Shrader, John Donnely); Arts &Crafts (1984), White Cow Records (featuring Jay Elfenbein & Chuck Fertal); Shapes, Sounds, Theories (1984), Cadence Jazz Records (featuring Reggie Workman, Chuck Fertal); Ittekimasu, LP (1989), White Cow Records *reissued CD 1991 by ITM Pacific (featuring Fred Hopkins & Thurman Barker); Beggar and The Robot in Diamonds (1996), ITM Pacific (featuring Fred Hopkins, Jason Hwang, Tom Varner, Frank Lowe, Bob Stewart, William Parker, Karl Berger, Zen Matsuura); Bridge Over the X-Stream (2000), Leo Records (featuring Reggie Workman, Jason Hwang, Tom Varner); Blair Recordings (2002), Leo Records (featuring Blair Hardman & Johnny DeRobertis); Wire (2007), Konnex Records (featuring: Adam Lane, Ray Sage, Blaise Siwula & Motoko Shimizu); Iro Iro” (2008), Red Toucan Label (featuring: Masahiko Kono, Thomas Ulrich, Kevin Norton). CDs released in 2011-2012 include We,(featuring: William Parker and Tom Tedesco); Round the World,(Solo Piano); Cowboy Film School, (featuring Bruce Ditmas, Tony Decicco, Chris Kelsey ); No Lunch in Hackensack, (featuring Jimmy Bennington), all on Unseen Rain Records Label through Meyefi Media; in addition to Electric Jazz Opus, (2012), Cause Attention Records, (produced by and in collaboration with Doc Holiday).

Larry Roland has appeared on The History of Jazz in Boston (1997), Perseverance with Nick Goumas, Beginning of a New Birth with Worlds/Jamyll Jones, Do Nothing is to Move Backwards (Worlds/Jamyll Jones), Sirens, Bells and Whistles (Raphe Malik Quartet), 21st Century Text (Raphe Malik Quartet), Looking East (Raphe Malik Quartet), 21st Century Decisions (Larry Roland Urge Quartet), Streets (Charles Gayle Trio), and As Time Flows On (Larry Roland solo bass and poetry).

Chuck Fertal composed the music for an independent movie, The River Runs Red, Arts and Crafts (Steve Cohn, Jay Elfenbein) and Sounds, Shapes, Theories (Reggie Workman, Steve Cohn). He was in a documentary entitled Drummers Row (Michael Kelly, Director) about drummers Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Barry Altschul, Paul Motian, Mike Clark and Mr. Fertal who all lived on Central Park West in New York City’s west side between 100th and 107th Street.