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HI everyone.  Announcing the digital-only cd release of FREE PLAY, (4th Stream Records, ERG 2015), the first cd recorded by the New York Free Quartet.  Please follow the above link to our webpage to listen to and to purchase individual tracks or the entire album.
We are excited to introduce ourselves on this beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered cd:  Free Play.  Each cut is only $1 and the entire cd is only $10.  I hope you follow the link and listen to Un/Known, featuring urban folk music and poetry by our bassist, Larry Roland.  There are several poems on the cd.  We play both freely created and composed pieces.  On Eat, Lay Eggs and Run only non-western instruments such as the shofar, the rikkidichi, the shakuhachi, and the Thai khean form emergent and primitive motivs.
Recorded in July, 2014 at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, the music was mixed by myself and my old friend John Shea who appeared on all of my previous releases on 4th Stream Records.  It was mastered by Jeff Jones, The Jedi Master, Director and Producer of World Alert Productions and friend of our drummer, Chuck Fertal. Cover art is by our pianist/shakuhachi, Steve Cohn.

</form>Michael Moss and Billy Stein

4th Stream Records, ERG 2013

INTERVALS: Michael Moss Billy Stein Duo

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