In 1991, Michael Art Moss added a Ph.D. after his name to the MS. And M.A. earned in psychology in 1969 and in 1973.  At the University of Wisconsin-Madison I studied under Ranny Thrush, Ph.D. and Joseph Dilley, Ph.D. in the Department of Counseling Psychology where I learned to think as a research scientist does.  Scientists ask questions then try to disprove them utilizing the null hypothesis.  I was unable to prove there is no correlation between creativity and intuition.  The data overwhelmingly support Jung and his intuitive function as it relates to creativity as well as other hypotheses.  Creativity is highly related to intuition.

After being graduated with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 1991, I took several years to convert his ideas into book format.  In the book based upon my dissertation research into intuition and creativity I include the other psychological functions of  sensation, thinking, and feeling, and the attitudes of introversion and extraversion.

To the creative person intuition is the channel, the functions are the work, and creativity is the high work.  The form varies with the person, the talent, and the field, be it business, arts, diplomacy, military undertakings, science, literature, and so forth.

I am now focused upon my passion for physics to create a theory of psychology that is fundamental and foundational. A bridge to the 21st century needs to be built.  Albert Einstein transformed the 19th century world. Intuition on the stellar levels of an Einstein may be required to make the quantum leaps necessary. Searching for the Lost Chord resonates with the big bang, quantum mechanics, the spacetime continuum and string theory, now know as M theory.  The orchestra is warming up—let’s play!